Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Music Video: The Truth

Watch the official music video of Kris Allen's latest single "The Truth" below:

This is my favorite song from his debut post-Idol album. I was so worried they weren't going to release it as a single, let alone make a music video for it, so I'm very happy those fears were unfounded. With that said, I'm actually not sure what I think about this video. I mean I'm generally fine with it, but like I've said previously, I love making up videos in my head especially to songs I really like. For this song, I was thinking a straightforward rocky romance with some cool CGI of houses, floors, ceilings, walls falling. Instead we get an abstract video set in the desert, which is still nice, but a bit lazy. The end with him rocking out in a vest amidst the hanging chandeliers was pretty sick though.

Plus there's the whole controversy of weaving Pat Monaghan inti the video along with his vocals with Kris in the chorus and totally taking over the bridge section. While still a good version of the song, this fan still loves listening to original and great album version.

Then there's that old-man jacket. Really? The man looks great in just a plain t-shirt or, better yet, a tank top and you put a jacket on him? Sometimes I just don't get people.

Finally, since I can't seem to get it out of my head, I'm suddenly thinking this song would be perfect for an Inception fanvid including scenes from the film with slight focus on the Cobb/Mal relationship. Give a listen and think about it. I think it really works.

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