Saturday, August 21, 2010

Enchanted Rain

This post is part of Andrew's "Wet Blogathon" in which the participants must post a picture of their favorite rainy scene from a film.

Immediately my mind went to the notorious upside-down kiss in Spider-Man 2 between Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire. Then I thought of that wonderful scene from Garden State when the three friends scream into the abyss. But then just a few days ago, I re-watched Enchanted and two rainy scenes in particular caught my eye:

THE SCENE: Giselle has been newly expelled from her Disney fairytale land of Andalasia to the harsh reality of New York City. She's shell shocked and so of course it starts to rain. She looks like a wet wreck, but then finds hope with the bright billboard for a "palace" casino.

THE SCENE: Near the end of the film, Giselle, with sword in hand, climbs outside the Woolworth Building in hopes of rescuing her man. The expression she gives off here is fear, but also determination as she more or less saves the day.

I already loved the film, because I was always amazed that in all the years Disney has been making films, has there really been no one who has pitched the "Disney princess unleashed in the real world" idea? I'd like to think someone had and they just waited for the right actress (and script) to come along. But I also loved the film because while it pokes fun of the concept of Disney princesses that Disney itself has cultivated over the years, it also turns it around its ear....

These two rainy scenes display this duality with the first showing how helpless and in need of rescue she is while the second showing how she is more than capable to be doing the rescue. The rain just adds to both scenes making her more hopeless or more heroic. Plus it's Amy Adams... wet in the rain. I don't see a down side to this, do you?

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  1. The downside of course was that Giselle ended up with Patrick Dempsey. What the hell was that? Oh well...

  2. I love when she's trying to find her way around NYC at the beginning.
    The movie gets so right the feeling of wonder and overwhelm brought by that city.
    Plus kudos for Amy for making that dress look easy to wear while wet.


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