Monday, August 16, 2010

Box Office: Toys Rule, Rocky Too

Toy Story 3 crossed the $400 million milestone, only the 11th film to do that in US box office history. Worldwide, it is the highest grossing animated film of all-time beating Shrek 2 and is poised to be the 7th film to break the billion dollar mark.

Sylvester Stallone had his biggest opening weekend ever with his new film, The Expendables, racking up a healthy $34.8 million this weekend for the top spot. In second place with a solid $23.1 million tally was Eat Pray Love, a film based on a widely popular book and Julia Roberts' biggest opener since 2001. Putting up Serenity-esque numbers, fanboy-driven film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World came in 5th with a disappointing $10.6 million.

I'm both shocked and not shocked that Scott Pilgrim did so poorly. I knew it wouldn't touch the other two opening films this weekend, but the hype (mostly online) was deafening and theaters in the area sold out many Friday night shows. For my part, I contributed $13 to its gross and had an AMAZING time. The low box office is sad, but no matter since its status as a cult classic is now assured.

In other box office news, Angelina Jolie gets her second $100-million film with Salt crossing that milestone over the weekend while Inception had another good, though its biggest so far, drop inching closer to $250 million. Despicable Me, meanwhile, continues its dream run and also looks to cross that $250 million line.

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