Monday, August 2, 2010

2010 TCA Awards

Over the weekend, the Television Critics Association (TCA) gave out their annual awards in the middle of the Summer Press Tour making sure their collective voices are heard while voters are still mulling over their Emmy ballots. The winners are:

Program of the year: Glee
Outstanding new program: Glee
Outstanding achievement in drama: Lost and Breaking Bad
Outstanding achievement in comedy: Modern Family
Individual achievement in drama: Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife
Individual achievement in comedy: Jane Lynch, Glee
Outstanding acheievement in movies and miniseries: The Pacific
Outstanding achievement in news and information: Life
Outstanding achievement in youth programming: Yo Gabba Gabba
Career achievement: James Garner
Heritage Award: M*A*S*H*

The big story here is the success of Glee winning three awards including shockingly taking the top prize of Program of the Year. While one might think this would boost its Emmy chances, TCA aren't really in the business of predicting Emmy winners. In fact last year, Battlestar Galactica won Program of the Year. That plus Modern Family, Glee's main rival for Best Comedy Series at the Emmys, won that award's counterpart at the TCA Awards.

In the Drama race, Breaking Bad and Lost shared the award knocking down Mad Men, which won the past two years. It looks to be a tight race at the Emmys among these three very strong contenders. In its final year, however, Lost, was unable to nab Program of the Year like Battlestar Galactica did last year nor get the Heritage Award like The Sopranos for their last season. M*A*S*H* took this prize beating out two other shows ending this year, 24 and Law & Order.

Finally, Jane Lynch and Julianna Margulies solidified their front-runner status for the Emmys by coming out on top of the creme de la creme of acting from last year. They beat out fellow Emmy nominees Ty Burrell, Jim Parsons, Eric Stonestreet, Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston, and John Lithgow as well as Emmy-snubbed Nick Offerman and Katey Sagal. I'll be shocked to see either one walking away empty-handed at the Emmys.

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  1. Having spent the the last week enjoying an unwarranted Glee marathon I really hope they take home the top prize and everything else (even if I find Jayma Mays more hilarious than the excellent Lynch)...and having watched the first two episodes of The Good Wife (at your behest) I hope Kyra Sedgwick wins the Emmy that's so overdue...but that ain't happening. Sigh.


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