Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Meryl Streep to Appear in Lisa Kudrow's Web Therapy

Finally! It has happened! My prayers have been answered! Meryl Streep and Lisa Kudrow will finally appear on screen together. Granted it will be on the computer screen rather than the small or silver screens, but I'll seriously take what I can get.

Deadline broke the news yesterday of Streep joining fellow Vassar College alum Kudrow in her web series Web Therapy (co-produced by another Vassar grad Dan Bucantinski) which I've already mentioned here previously. The article says Streep will have a 3-episode arc during the fourth season of the web series which apparently is set to begin any day now.

Before reading the article, I thought Streep would actually appear on the half-hour TV series that Showtime has picked up based on the web series. But maybe her role is open-ended and she can come back? Then maybe they can star in the movie version together? And since we don't really know much about her character yet, what if she played Fiona's mom! Okay, I'm getting way too ahead of myself. Can you blame me?

To watch the first three seasons of Web Therapy, click here and enjoy!

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