Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Monday TV Report

Belated thoughts on Monday night's TV offerings...

How I Met Your Mother - While I really liked the episode when I saw it, I've grown to LOVE it as I thought more about it. I just really enjoyed having the gang, separately, dealing with Big Character Stuff. What I mean is, I like the forward progression they all took in this episode with Ted/Zoey, Marshall/Lily, Barney/Robin, and Barney and his quest for his father. Zoey's story was a bit out of left field, but it's encouraging that they seem to be developing her somewhat. Marshall and Lilly's "fight" felt a bit like how real-life married couples who have been college sweethearts would react. Then of course there's the return of Barney/Robin and as silly as their antics were I LOVED it when Smulders and Harris are just let loose to have fun together. Then of course there's the twist of Barney's father to end the episode in an intriguing note.

The Event - One positive thing I can say about this show, even if it gets canceled, is that I'm probably going to try to see the remaining episodes to see how it all ends. Is it my favorite show? Far from it, but a few of the characters are wholly intriguing. Not sure how I feel about the now weekly flashbacks of one solitary character. I mean it worked on Lost, but here it feels a tad hokey? With that said, how about that Twilight Zone-like ending with the little girls looking like old ladies? Eek! WHAT?

Castle - To be honest, probably one of the weaker episodes this season which is still to say it was a fun episode, but nothing overly memorable about it. The case itself wasn't all that interesting as well and we didn't get to meet the totally two dimensional bad guys until the last two minutes. Then they ended the episode with Ashley fawning over Alexis as Castle looks on nary a sarcastic reply to the situation! I felt cheated there a bit.

Hawaii Five-0 - I have finally FINALLY caught up. Unfortunately, I can't really review the last 3-4 episodes I viewed the past week or so. But I still like the show. The bromance between Danno/Steve is getting a little too much (and I'm a HUGE fan of bromances on TV). Or maybe it just seemed that way since I saw a bunch of episodes in a row? One of my favorite episodes was Kono having a nice romantic moment with one of her old surfing buddies. Can we get him back please? Last night was good since we explored a bit of Danno's and Chin's past at the same time. Plus the beautiful Dichen Lachman made an appearance.

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