Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tuesday TV Report

A bit late, once again, but here are my thoughts on Tuesday's shows. And BTW I kind of ramble on about Glee so I saved that to the end.

Raising Hope - Another cute, if not spectacular, episode of this totally charming show. The chemistry of the cast, especially the son/parents dynamic is really good and Hope is just the cutest baby this TV season, apart from Lily on Modern Family of course.

The Good Wife - How fantastic was Michael J. Fox? Very. While I love the episodes when I get to cheer on Alicia Florrick, it's also really nice to see lawyers up to her level on the other side. But the big thing about this episode was Kalinda and her (not so shocking) lesbian relationship. Still not 100% sure why Blake and Kalinda are making each other's lives pure hell, but the chemistry and tension is giving this already nearly perfect show that more sizzle and buzz.

And now me rambling on about Glee...

I've been holding back on talking about this episode since I needed about a day or two to process it a bit. There were a few things the episode brought up that could make for some very interesting story lines to follow in the future. The bullying theme of the episode was nicely handled not only by using Kurt and the bullying he has gotten for being the only out gay kid in school, but also by showing us the bullying of other such as Beiste and to a certain extent even Puck.

The episode itself was another showcase of the extraordinary talents of Emmy-nominated Chris Colfer. He deflty handled and expressed the anguish, the anger, and the hopelessness one encounters at the hands of bullying. Great contrast to the absolute joy on his face as he watches Blaine (the delightful Darren Criss) sing with his glee group, The Warblers. Right now there's setting these two up as mentor/mentee, but it's not difficult to see sparks flying with these two. I do have to comment that the writers really need to deal with Kurt's boundary issues. Only a day or so after he meets this wonderful boy, he already has a picture of him framed on his locker. Um... no. That's just creepy.

The big twist though was that the football jock who bullied Kurt is gay for Kurt! Or who knows if he was actually attracted to Kurt, but he definitely kissed him in the locker room! Fandom seems severely split on this. Half are afraid the show might actually develop a relationship for these two with Kurt helping him come out and them being the new power couple. The other half, well, wants this to happen and love the twist i.e. Murphy giving us Sam and then Blaine as red herrings. My preference is for Kirt and Blaine to get together, but I'm also not at all offended if they somehow organically did a story involving Kurt/Karovsky. But this is Glee and rarely does it do anything "organically."

A few other tidbits about the episode:
  • I get they were trying to make that all-boys school like the complete opposite of McKinley High, but glee kids as rock stars? Slow-mo running in the hallway? Too much. TOO MUCH.
  • Hoping they actually go through with this friendship they've started with Artie and Puck and not drop it like a million other threads they've started.
  • Mercedes is still in the show right? Sometimes I forget.
  • A little Rachel goes a long way. I love her impromptu scream of SPIES and her (and the rest of the ladies) looked HOTTTTT performing, the song on the other hand... meh.
  • Will kissing Beiste was kind of TMI. I actually love the Beiste character, but I'm still not into Will. So ah whatever.
  • I will extremely cheated if we don't at least get a glimpse of the geriatric glee group.

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  1. I actually don't love Colfer's acting, he's fine here - good even, but he doesn't steal the show for me.

    Rachel's "Spies!" was hilarious and though I liked the Finn/Puck dynamic I like Artie more as a character so I'm all for the Puck/Artie friendship.

    (Harrison is the cutest baby, he's a badass just like his father, Dexter)


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