Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Monday TV Report

The talking heads are babbling about election results on the TV right now which means no Glee, Raising Hope, or The Good Wife this week. At least with baseball season over, we're getting Fringe back on Thursday! But let's back up a bit on the Monday TV shows I saw...

Chuck - A wonderful episode full of comedy, heart, action, and OMGWTF moments. Timothy Dalton showed off his comedic side and did it brilliantly which is something I didn't really expect. The scenes between Ellie and her mom moved me to tears. Big kudos to totally underused Sarah Lancaster for those scenes. The twist in the end is still reeling in my mind, but I'm excited that it was left WIDE OPEN for both Linda Hamilton and Timothy Dalton to come back. God, just make them regulars. I'm only half-kidding.

How I Met Your Mother - Where's the poop? I mean really. I actually was totally fine with the episode until we saw Robin seemingly degrade herself yet again. I'm just tired seeing this character down and out and so very ISOLATED from her friends. Like the idea of the Zoe character, but the execution in this episode was not so hot. And Randy and his Wharmpiss was funny for the first half, then not so much. Overall, one of the weaker episodes this season.

Castle - Can't lie. It was very nice seeing some male eye candy throughout the episode. Unfortunately none of the male main characters actually stripped last night, but it was a hoot seeing Esposito and Ryan reacting to being labeled as "A-Rod" and "Twilight guy." The only thing, I kind of figured out who the bad guy was first time we see him. It's actually rare I do that in Castle, but it didn't diminish my enjoyment of the show one bit.

Women of SNL - Hilarious. Too bad I was only able to see the first hour. But it was really fun seeing all of those women again. I was actually hoping they brought back Jane Curtin, but alas it wasn't meant to be. The Debbie Downer sketch brought me to tears just like it did the first time they aired it. Also, how quaint is it now that sketch Fey and Poehler did as Palin and Clinton? "Bitch is the new Black." Good times.

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to see Hawaii Five-0. Before today I was three episodes behind, but I managed to see the episode from two weeks ago so I'm now just TWO episodes behind. Things have just been hectic.


  1. I'll promise Josh Schwartz I'll never miss a single episode of CHUCK if he makes Dalton a regular... man that was awesome!!

    Did you get to see Five-0 yet? It was a pretty good episode with Adam Beach, I even teared up at the end... which I never do watching a show like this!

  2. I just watched HIMYM last night and I agree...it was okay. Not good, just okay.
    I loved Chuck and I can't wait tom see what they do next with this twist!
    Castle was awesome as well, but I was disappointed that Beckett didn't somehow force Castle to audition as a stripper. I REALLY wanted to see that haha.


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