Friday, July 30, 2010

Birthday Girl: Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow, my favorite Friends alum, celebrates her 47th birthday today. Like Meryl Streep, she graduated from my alma mater and I actually spoke to her once. She came out of a meeting. I was in a computer lab close to her and could tell she was frustrated at her phone. I went up to her and told her the reception sucked here. She snickered at that and I then blurted out how much of a fan I was of her. Then she had to go. Epic meeting of minds, I know.

In any case, despite that awkward exchange, I still think she's fabulous. Since Friends, she's been doing bit roles in TV and movies, but I'm looking forward to her next big project that would bring her to the screens more regularly.

Kudrow is currently headlining a web series, Web Therapy, that she started with her long-time friend Don Roos (director of The Opposite of Sex and Happy Endings). I discovered the series earlier this month via A Blog Next Door and I actually just finished watching the third and most recent season a few minutes ago.

Each season contains 15 episodes with the episodes each lasting only about 5-15 minutes. Kudrow plays a therapist who one day decided that a 3-minute therapy sessions over the internet are vastly better and preferable over the standard 50-minute in-office session. It's hilarious! Just dark comedy gold!

Never mind that Kudrow's Fiona Wallice is a hoot in her delusional obliviousness, but the guest stars are just perfection. I mean look at some of the names of those who have appeared on the series so far: Jane Lynch, Courtney Cox, Victor Garber, Alan Cumming, Dan Bucatinsky, Molly Shannon, Tim Bagley, Mike McDonald, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and a few more. Whew! So go check it out!


  1. The fact that she wasn't nominated for Cougar Town is ridiculous, the fact that Courtney was not nominated for Cougar Town was ridiculous.


  2. I didn't really expect Kudrow to get nominated, but that would've been beyond fantastic. But yes the non-nomination of Cox stings a bit especially considering she's the only one from the Friends cast to NOT have won (or even be NOMINATED) for an Emmy Award. That's insanity in every level.


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