Monday, November 8, 2010

Friday/Sunday TV Report

A few thoughts on Supernatural, The Amazing Race, and Brothers & Sisters...

So last week's Supernatural episode really did a lot in moving the story. We got a ton of answers about a lot of people's motivations and there were a couple of big reveals. So why did it all feel just a little bit anticlimactic? First we get to the answer of "what's wrong with Sam?" out of the way by Castiel confirming that Sam has no soul. As the audience, we start putting together the previous suspicious behaviors from Sam and it all fits. Next, we get Dean finding out about Samuel's mission to collect Alphas and the ensuing confrontation. We find out one of their cousins is actually a demon and oh yeah Crowley has been orchestrating this whole thing including making Samuel his bitch and getting Sam out of the cage sans his soul. His goal? To find purgatory. The why? Well, we don't know yet. So, all of that and while acted well, it just felt like one info-dump and thus lacked emotional resonant. Plus I'm kind of over the whole "Sam's a freak" storyline. Been there, done that.

Nick and Vicki were somehow saved from elimination last week on The Amazing Race, but they made up good time following third this week behind my two favorite teams. Both of them happen to be the two all-female teams and if both of them aren't in the final three, I will be sorely disappointed. A team I cheered on since the beginning were Michael/Kevin, but a couple of broken rules (read your clues!) cost them the game and sayonara. The rest of the teams, save for the adorable father-daughter team of Gary/Mallory, are kind of annoying and I'm hoping for their ousters in the weeks to come.

Finally, Brothers & Sisters was all right. As I said last week, I pretty much watch now out of habit and even then it's mostly to see what's going on with Kevin/Scotty. Thankfully they resolved their fight from last week by the end of the episode, but not before we get some top-notch acting from both Luke McFarlane and Matthew Rhys. Justin's story line with Holly/David and the new girl (name escapes me, but she's his real life wife) was actually interesting to me, but maybe that was only because I was so happy not to have a Luc storyline this week. Oh and how could I forget Sally Field flirting with Jack's dead dad from Lost? CREEPY! Also, kind of cute, if you're into old people flirting.

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