Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tuesday TV Report

Some thoughts on Tuesday's episodes...

Glee - I really enjoyed Gwyneth Paltrow's guest appearance last week. Partly because I've really grown to not like the Schuester character so seeing his "replacement" was great. Plus she kind of rocked the house first with Cee Lo's "Forget You" and then the Chicago duet with Lea Michele. And while I thought the Singing in the Rain/Umbrella mashup was an abomination to one's ear, the choreography was sweet. Had a HUGE problem though with the Mercedes plotline especially as Kurt decided new boy > best friend which is all sort of lame of him. Also can't believe that he decided that for her to feel better was to set her up with another guy WTF? Love Kurt and all, but a lot of times he's incredibly self-centered and clueless.

Speaking of, this week's episode was Kurt-centric and continued the bullying storyline they started a few episodes ago. This time the school and the parents got involve and while all of the actors did a bang up job, really wished we could've seen the whole thing from Dave's point of view as well. With that said, the wedding storyline was adorable. Loved the wedding procession performance as well as Finn's touching tribute to Kurt. If I had one teensy tiny complaint, it's that it was yet again The Kurt Show, which yeah he's awesome but did it bother anyone else that during the wedding vows everyone made sure to praise Kurt while giving Finn an equivalent of "oh yeah, you're cool, too." Even Finn's heartfelt gesture to Kurt began as a toast for his mom and Burt! With that said, not sure how I FEEL about Kurt just up and transferring to Dalton, but I'm looking forward to seeing the repercussions of that next week during Sectionals, which totally snuck up on me!

The Good Wife - It's so difficult to talk about this show because I just devolve into a sniveling idiot praising every single thing about it. But that's pretty much what it feels like watching the show. Each episode has SO MUCH packed in and each element is executed so well that by the end you just need a break from all of the awesome. Take this week's episode. The Kalinda/Blake tension is heating up as well as the fight for the State Attorney's job. Then there's Diane looking to stage a coup while Alicia finally learns about the Lost Voicemail of Love from Will. All of this plus good writing and amazing acting and you have LOW RATINGS. Ugh. Seriously people, watch this show.

Raising Hope - Wasn't a HUGE fan of last week's episode where the entire family were blacklisted as sexual deviants, but the cast is still charming enough to make it work. This week's Thanksgiving-centric episode though was a riot especially with the introduction of Hope's other grandparents which tried to kidnap her, twice. At the end of the episode, it looked as if they were going to jail, but I do hope we see them again down the line. Also, it's nice they're fleshing out, very slowly I may add, Jimmy's friends. If handled correctly, they can add a lot to the show.

No Ordinary Family - Seems as if I have unofficially dropped the show. I haven't seen the last four episodes and I'm not exactly rushing out to catch up on it. Maybe with the long holiday weekend, I'll randomly decide to check it out, but don't hold your breaths.

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