Monday, November 1, 2010

TV Report Catching Up

Because Halloween kind of delayed this a bit, here are my recent TV thoughts:

Thursday, 10/28

Community - I would just like to thank the cast and crew for forever fusing the music of ABBA and the zombie apocalypse together in my mind. Hilarious episode from beginning to end, from Dean Pelton eeriely appropriate Gaga get-up to Troy's sexy Dracula costume to the randomly flying cat to the George Takei's framing narration. Well done!

Big Bang Theory - It's clear, from Kaley Cuoco's absence, that this show needs her back. Sheldon is great, but it's really just not the same without him playing off of Penny. As funny as Sheldon's ordeal with avoiding meeting Amy's parents, him not going to Penny for advice was too big of an inconsistency to get over. Too bad. Though the end tag with Sheldon and Amy lying to her mom about their sex lives was a beautiful thing.

Grey's Anatomy - I loved this episode. There, I said it. The annoying parts of the characters were kept to a minimum because the documentary structure just couldn't entertain them. Plus it's such a good follow-up to last season's finale especially seeing Ryan Devlin and Mandy Moore as a young couple who very much went through the same ordeal these doctors did. The last 10 minutes were heartbreaking though. Damn you show!

Fringe was still way-laid by baseball (boo! hiss!) while 30 Rock took a breather for a Shrek-tastic Halloween special.

Friday, 10/29

Supernatural - Probably weird to complain about this aspect of the show since I know A LOT of people watch the show because of it, but DAMN I'm SOOOO tired of the drama between these two brothers. I cheered Lisa on when she finally told Dean what I was thinking i.e. his relationship with his brother ain't fucking healthy. Oh I get there's a bond and a history and yadda yadda but COME ON. Plus this whole "no soul" thing isn't exactly A-grade original in sci-fi/fantasy films so I'll reserve my thoughts on that "mind-blowing" plotline until next week. At least Castiel was back, if only for a few minutes.

Sunday, 10/31

The Amazing Race - What is it going to take to get rid of Nick/Vicki? When I heard the challenges for the Detour, I was ready to pack their bags for them. Unfortunately it was a non-elimination leg and they survive another day. At least this meant all my favorites are also still in the race. I especially appreciated how challenged they all were of the tasks they had to do in this leg. Frustrations breed entertainment!

Brothers & Sisters - It was just a bit painful to watch the drama unfold between Kevin & Scotty. I still don't really buy Scotty actually cheating on Kevin, but other than that contrived plot point, the two actors did a phoenomenal job. Oh other things happened to other characters, but as per usual it's so difficult to care.


  1. Community was AWESOME. And I heard they're having Hilary Duff on this week...yaaay! :)

  2. I've only caught one episode of COMMUNITY when I was at the gym so it's without sound, but it looked funny as heck. But I don't know if I love it enough to watch it regularly like Chuck though.

    Speaking of which, looking forward to your thoughts on Monday night TVs... I know you enjoyed Chuck, but did you watch Five-0 also? I thought that was a pretty good episode too, love the intensity between Adam Beach and Alex... and Caan is always fun to watch.

  3. So it's like the one day I decide to skip Community is the day they do a brilliant episode...Damn.

    And on Grey's. How great was that episode? For once Avery wasn't annoying, a minimum of McDreamy (insufferable as always). It all worked so well, and those last ten minutes (aka Dr. Bailey owning the episode). I suppose they still have potential to be great, I hope they keep it up.


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