Friday, November 5, 2010

Wednesday TV Report

A bit late with this Wednesday TV Report, but better late than never. Plus for a second there I thought I had forgotten to do a write-up for Tuesday's shows until I remembered that it was Election Night and everything was preempted.

First, let's have a moment of silence for Undercovers which was officially canceled yesterday. Frankly, I'm not too torn up about it because the show didn't offer anything different from the various spy shows, past or present. It certainly couldn't live up to the visceral quality of those early seasons of ALIAS or to the pure enjoyment of Chuck. It's worthy repeating that both leads are drop-dead gorgeous, but they couldn't make the writing as beautiful as them.

With that show and The Whole Truth canceled, Wednesday suddenly has become very light for me with only two half-hour comedies to keep me entertained. Thank goodness both shows are fantastic.

It was always going to be difficult to follow up that humdinger of a Halloween episode from last week, but Modern Family did okay. My favorite parts include Haley misinterpreting her mom's relationship lamentations, Phil burning his ladyfingers (BEEP!), and Cam picking up the other Asian kid in the end. So as not to be painted as completely blinded by my love for the show, I actually think it was one of their lesser episodes. Phil's questioning his masculinity is a bit out-of-character at least in how they executed it here in this episode and the whole Jay/Manny/Gloria storyline didn't really do anything special for me.

And then there was Cougar Town aka Modern Cougar Town. Sigh. I shouldn't love this show as much as I do, but I do and I can't help it. As flawed as the show is sometimes, it and its characters are just so damn fun. It makes excusing away the flaws so much easier. For example I could've done without the whole neti pot storyline with Travis and his dad, but it was nice that the show is trying really hard this season to give Bobby some emotional heft. The episode itself non-subtly paid homage to The Usual Suspect painting Andy as the Keyser Soze type, which was refreshing since we actually learn more about him and how his relationship with Ellie is JUST RIGHT. Plus how can I hate an episode where Ellie drives Grayson to tears (gift whisperer!) and the gang gets into a finger gun stand off and melee with bonus Spaced shout out? I can't. LOVE THIS SHOW.

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