Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wednesday TV Report

Catching up on Wednesday's shows are easy now since I only watch two things and they are both half-hour comedies. Actually last night not only did I see news episodes of Modern Family and Cougar Town but I re-watched recent (fantastic) episodes of Community and How I Met Your Mother (Bottle Episode and Blitzgiving respectively).

Modern Family - Maybe they thought no one was going to be watching anyways since it was Thanksgiving Eve, but they delivered probably the weakest episode of the season (of the series?) last night. None of the three storylines managed to deliver the big laughs that the show usually brings effortlessly. It was actually bordering on painful as Mitchell tried to get Cam's mom to touch him or Jay's snoozeworthy story line of having a mysterious pain in his guy. Usually the Dunphys are the saving grace of the week, but even this week was weak with the Phil/Dylan/Haley triangle not as funny as it could've been. Luckily, they delivered a very fun episode last week with the three families making a fool of themselves as they all head over to Manny's birthday. Mitchell's surprise flash mob dance coupled with Cam's feeling of betrayal was totally on point as were the little moments between Claire/Luke and Phil/his daughters. The Jay/Gloria/Manny part was the weak link but even that had a gun-toting Gloria and Manny pranking himself on the phone. Good times.

Cougar Town - Last night's episode was the Thanksgiving episode and as I said last year, it's almost a TV tradition for Courtney Cox to host a Thanksgiving dinner on prime time. Last year's episode was one of my favorites, so this episode had a lot of live up to. And while it didn't quite match the heart of last year, if was still a solid effort. It was a tad unfocused, but the show is usually casual and always fun. So by the time we got to Jules' toast in the end, well it was all good. Last week was just an okay episode since they made Jules CRAZY MOM again when Travis brought his grad-student girlfriend home. The demise of Big Joe though produced a tear in my eye. For those who don't watch, Big Joe is a huge wine glass that Jules uses on special occassions (i.e. daily). RIP Big Joe.

Finally, it's not a Wednesday show but just want to give a shout out to Dexter this season which has been totally electric especially due to the addition of Julia Stiles' character, Lumen. The last scene of the most recent episode literally left me breathless. Three episodes left!

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