Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ATP World Tour Finals: Days 3-4

Group A
R. Nadal d. N. Djokovic 7-5 6-2
T. Berdych d. A. Roddick 7-5 6-3

Group B
R. Federer d. A. Murray 6-4 6-2
R. Soderling d. D. Ferrer 7-5 7-5

Things are starting to get interesting! Actually, not really. After two rounds of matches, Nadal and Federer are leaders of their respective group after they spanked the usually more threatening Djokovic and Murray. For the Serbian, an errant contact lens may be to blame, but for the Brit he just couldn't find his serve. With their 2-0 record so far, Nadal and Federer look good for the semifinals with Federer only needing to win a set (or Murray to lose a set) tomorrow to clinch his spot.

Berdych and Soderling keep their chances alive garnering their first wins in London, but they both interestingly enough are hoping to win against Nadal and Federer respectively for their next matches. Roddick and Ferrer are in the very bottom, but oddly enough they are not done and out. They have to win in straight sets and have a few other things happen, but they too are still alive.

The ATP has a great rundown of possible semifinal qualification scenarios, which after you've seen it, puts the WTF in these World Tour Finals.


  1. I guess the competition is wide open and everybody has a good chance to win.There might be a dark horse.I am Nadals' fan thus my prayers are with him.

  2. It was a great tournament and roger played a great game and win the tournament and good news is he defend his title in 2011 also and he score one more record by winning 6 year ending championships no one have won this much. and also played 100th final and won.

  3. I must say that R. Federer played very well against A. Murray and defeat him in finals. A.Murray is also good player but it all depends on luck.


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