Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday TV Report

Since I didn't randomly do TV Reports last week, this week will be catching up whilst at the same time talking about this week's episodes. Yay, double duty fun times!

So how about them Monday shows huh?

How I Met Your Mother - I'm so so so happy that last night's episode was practically flawless, because as much as I superficially enjoyed last week's third Robin Sparkles' episode, I wasn't THAT into it as much as I should've been. Yes, the song is catchy, but it can't touch the classic "Let's Go to the Mall." But this week's Thanksigiving-centric episode was just brilliant. It felt like the S1 episode "The Pineapple Incident" and I especially appreciated all of the Lost shoutouts courtesy of Hurley himself. IMO the show has been on fire this season.

Chuck - It actually makes sense to talk about the last two episodes together since it was more or less a two-parter. Last week Chuck went on a spy mission without his flashing capabilities to show he CAN be a spy without it, but also in a quest to get it back. Doesn't happen and he gets kidnapped and this week's episode is all about Sarah rescuing him and realizing that she doesn't care about him being a spy or the Intersect. All of this is nice and all, but looking forward to seeing what was on the laptop and also the return of Mommy Bartowski.

The Event - Last week's episode was a bit of a snoozer with us finding out about the VP's involvement of the assassination attempt and Leila kidnapping a doctor to treat Sean after he was shot. This week was a bit more interesting since we focused on the aliens who have made their lives outside. Even though we don't learn much, what we do learn is very intriguing ie do NOT mess with Sophia.

Hawaii Five-0 - Have to say, kudos to this show for giving us to really good episodes in a row. Last week was really tense as the team had to pretty much defend themselves against an armada. And this week, I was totally loving how they took down the Marathon Thieves especially that final takedown with each of them taking one bad guy each. Oh and we meet Danno's ex-wife and she's a firecracker! More of her please! Also, did Danno just call McGarrett "babe?" I mean they're not even being subtle about it anymore are they?

Castle - No episode this week which is just sad, but last week was quite fun with their alien/X-Files episode. Really didn't know where they were going to go with it, but it worked and wasn't totally cheesy. So kudos.

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