Sunday, November 14, 2010

TV Report Catching Up

Just a couple of quick thoughts on a bunch of shows. And I swear I'll start posting stuff other than my "quick thoughts on TV" in the next few days.

Thursday, 11/11

Community - If I said it was perfect, you probably would think I was overselling it, but whatever, I thought it was brilliant. Started worrying about the show the past few weeks (not including the great zombie episode), but this was like back to S1 brilliance. This show is so very good when the talented ensemble bounce lines from each other and reflect on their messed-up relationship/connections and this "bottle episode" was all of that. I've seen it THREE times already. Definitely my favorite episode of the season so far.

Fringe - The fact that no one is watching this show pains me, but only because they are just missing out on a really damn good sci-fi storyline. Can't say enough how much I'm loving this season and its back-and-forth on the two universes and the wonder that is Anna Torv. Also props to the costume/makeup department as well for making the two characters different enough that we, the audience, can see the differences while at the same the other characters don't.

Grey's Anatomy - Kind of glad Calllie's mourning period seemd to have lasted a day. I don't think I can handle Callie being all downtrodden AGAIN because of a relationship (George, Hahn, now Arizona). Plus she totally got a bitchin' haircut. Still not sure what they're doing with Cristina, but interesting that she's dealing with it with Derek and not with Meredith or her husband. I hope they don't follow the same storyline with Alex/new peds attending as they did with Cristina/Hahn. Though I'm totally looking fwd to seeing the awkwardness that will be Alex/April/Avery (wow that's a lot of A-names) after the events of this week's episode.

30 Rock - Nearly forgot what the episode was about, but then John Slattery popped into my head and it all came flooding back. Not sure how I felt about it. The pants/politics storyline was a little heavy handed and not particularly hilarious. And in a bit of switcheroo, I actually found the Tracy/Jenna antics much funnier this week. Not sure if that's good or bad, but let's just put that in the plus column and call it a day.

Big Bang Theory - It was the return of Evil Will Wheaton, but to be honest I could've done without the guy portion of the episode and would've probably just preferred a full episode on just those three girls in their slumber party. They were hilarious and it's so nice the show has some fresh blood now and a nice bit of estrogen to boot!

Friday, 11/12

Supernatural - Castiel-less episode and y'all know how I feel about that. But if I thought last week was anti-climactic, well then this episode wouldn't have fared better. It was pretty much a freak-of-the-week episode except this time Crowley is directly telling them to go after it. The story itself was nothing to write home about and the only "redeeming" quality about the episode was the scene at the very end when Sam basically tells Dean he didn't care about him. Ouch. Also, WHERE ARE THEY GOING WITH THIS?

Sunday, 11/14

The Amazing Race - Ugh. In terms of location, challenges, and all of that the show is still aces, but WORST EPISODE EVER since all of the teams I love ended up in the back while teams I hate/don't care about made it to the top three. What's worst is that my most hated team Chad/Stephanie pretty much OWNED the episode. First they showed up TWO HOURS late to the pit star, which I've never EVER seen before, and when you thought this would mean the end of this obnoxious team they quickly recover and pretty much lead the entire episode. But oh wait, what's this? Chad is proposing to her? GAG GAG KILL ME. They get first place and it's all honeymoon and lollipops. UGH. The race for elimination was brutal since it was between two teams I love. Nat/Kat overtook Dan/Mallory and thus the cute father/daughter team is no more. Damn.

Brothers & Sisters - Pretty much a Luc episode with his mom issues so it was a snoozer. Kevin & Scotty seemed to be working through their issues, but other than that nothing much to report there. Norah is getting jiggy with it with Karl aka Jack's dead dad from Lost while Justin is getting jiggy with it with every other woman including Luc's mom (AWKWARD!). Overall, meh. WHY IS LUC A CHARACTER? WASTE OF SPACE!

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