Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SYTYCD: Top 20 Performance

I started watching So You Think You Can Dance in its second season. Skipped the first season because it was a reality show on FOX. Come on, could you blame me? But then I fell head over heels with the show during that second season. I've been a big fan ever since. Having said that, it's a new season and new contestant. So with Adam Shankman joing Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe, how did I think they did for their first performance show?

Jeanine & Phillip - They danced Hip Hop with Tabitha & Napoleon and definitely started the show on the right foot. It was so smooth and fun, I couldn't stop smiling. I made sure to keep my eye on her since I knew he'd knock it out of the park and I gotta admit, she made me into a fan. The judges loved it.

Asuka & Vitolio - Tyce Diorio choreographed a Broadway routine for these two. While I thought they were quite fun and good, I doubt this performance will resonate with America. In fact the judges were at best lukewarm when it was their turn to talk.

Karla & Jonathan - Both of them danced the Cha Cha and I was a bit disappointed. I thought they had no real chemistry nor did they display much heat. Most of it because the song/routine was just too fast for them to develop much connection. All tricks, but no heart. Of course the judges completely and utterly disagreed with me so what do I know?

Randi & Evan - They danced a Jazz routine choreographed by Tyce. And it was fabulous. They had the connection that the couple before them didn't have. The judges were totally in love with it which made me happy. Just an adorable couple overall with some powerhouse dancing skills.

Paris & Tony - They danced Hip Hop by Tabitha/Napoleon. I was excited to see this, but was ultimately let down. She did a great job for someone who had never done this before, but he was the one who disappointed. Didn't have the pop and syncness I expected. The judges were generally lukewarm so they agreed with me.

Caitlin & Jason - To the tune of Oscar winner "Jai Ho," they danced a Bollywood number. I had very high expectations for this couple with this genre with this song. And while they didn't really meet them, I thought they did quite good. The judges were a bit more enthusiastic in their praises, totally loving them.

Janette & Brandon - They were saddled with the dreaded Foxtrot tonight and sadly they didn't overcome it. In general it was a very solid performance, but it was largely forgettable. Plus shockingly enough it was Brandon who seemed heavy footed which is odd since he's a contemporary dancer! The judges quite loved it though.

Ashley & Kupono - Both of them were choreographed by "genius" Wade Robeson to mixed results for me. It was weird and just a bit abstract. They lucked out that this was towards the end, because if not it would've been discarded as forgettable. Instead the judges praised it as part of the "diversity of dance." Couldn't stop looking at her, but he left me cold a bit as did the whole performance.

Melissa & Ade - They danced a Contemporary routine by Mandy Moore. To put it simply, it was absolutely beautiful and I pretty much loved it. They were both just so light and fluid and totally connected. Brought the judges to tears and I do not blame them. Just breathtaking overall.

Kayla & Max - Rounding out the night, they danced Samba. And did they DANCE. It pretty much left me speechless. Just very hot and very sharp. The judges definitely liked it and it was a great way to end the show.

In previous seasons, I would rank the performances and make predictions on bottom three/going home. And even though I'll probably still do that down the line, this was the first performance so I'm going to let them all simmer for another week. Some of my early favorites did good, but other didn't. Some of those who I knew NOTHING about pleasantly surprised me. And overall it was a great night of dancing. I'm sure there will more to come this season.

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