Wednesday, June 17, 2009

SYTYCD: Top 18 Performance

Before I talk about the performances this week, I just wanted to say that a guy will definitely win this season. It's just a feeling I have. Plus the guys get louder cheers than the girls. So unless a girl really breaks out, a guy will win.

This week Lil' C is judging with Nigel and Mary. And while I know these three have WAY more dancing credentials than me, I just kept disagreeing with them the whole night. So it was a bit frustrating for me tonight.

Randi & Evan - The show started out with a bang with these two performing an Jive number by Louis Van Amstel. I just couldn't stop smiling throughout their routine. It was so much fun. The judges, however, were not wowed as I was. Yes, they thought it was fun as well, but they thought it could've been done better.

Melissa & Ade - This is a couple I love rooting for, but I just wasn't blown away with this Jazz routine choreographed by Sonya Tayeh. I love bits and parts of it and thought it was cool, but it just didn't really grab me as much as I wanted it to. The judges liked it more than I did with Lil' C even calling Ade the one to beat now. That's some chutzpah.

Caitlin & Jason - These two danced the first Hip Hop number by Shane Sparks tonight. While I thought it was cute and sexy, the judges had less than friendly opinions to say the least. They pretty much called them posers without really saying it, which is lame since I actually thought Jason made a convincing popper while Caitlin held her own.

Janette & Brandon - Doriana Sanchez choreographed these two in a Disco routine. I don't really like these two, but I thought the first part was quite good. I thought it fell apart towards the end and I just don't feel the chemistry between them. The judges were totally in loved with it which kinda made me roll my eyes, but whatever.

Asuka & Vitolio - We get a Waltz by Louis Van Amstel performed by these two and let me tell you it was just absolutely beautiful. Just beautiful. While it didn't make me cry, it made Mary cry and who could blame her? Just a strong and emotional performance from the pair of them. This is also the rare performance where the judges and I agreed.

Kayla & Max - Brian Freedman makes a comeback to this show by giving these two a Pop Jazz number. From the beginning, I was distracted by the ugly costumes. The latter parts were better, but for the most part it was just meh for me. So of course the judges loved it. At this point I just didn't know anything anymore. Oh well.

Karla & Jonathan - These two dance a Contemporary number by new choreography Stacey Tookey. They performed to the beautiful "Falling Slowly" which I love. And while I thought they did their moves quite flawlessly, I still felt ZERO chemistry between these two. The judges, for their part, practically had an orgasm when judging.

Jeanine & Phillip - This was excruciating for me. This Tony Meredith Tango number had nothing for me to praise. Both dancers were a bit sloppy. The song was terrible. And the dance itself was quite dull. And while the judges rightly critiqued them for their awful technique, they pretty much did everything in their power to excuse it all to kiss Phillip's butt. Sad. I hate it when judges play favorites.

Ashley & Kupono - The final Hip Hop routine by Shane Sparks was largely met by the same meh from the judges. Actually they quite liked Ashley, but they had nothing good to say to Kupono. I thought the complete opposite. I was actually pleasantly surprised by his performance (and I don't like him!) while I was meh towards her.

So as you can see the judges and I pretty much almost had the complete opposite thoughts. But they have years of dance experience, while I took a dance elective for one semester in high school. Make that as much as you will, but hey I'm the voter, right?

Best of the Night: Randi & Evan
Worst of the Night: Jeanine & Phillip

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