Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SYTYCD: Top 16 Performances

This week the judges and I were in agreement for most of the night which was a complete 180 from last week. Tonight Toni Basil joined Nigel and Mary. On to the dancers...

Karla & Jonathan - They performed Hip Hop by Dave Sparks. I thought she danced great, but he looked like a white boy dancing hip hop badly. And the lack of chemistry is still there for me. The judges did not like it as well.

Asuka & Vitolio - Just one word to describe them and it is FIERCE. Seriously. Dancing a Mandy Moore Jazz number, they were just a joy to watch. The judges generally liked it.

Melissa & Ade - They were so hot I'm still fanning myself. Never having danced a Rumba, they just sizzled on the dance floor with chemistry to spare. The judges went insane over it and I couldn't agree more.

Janette & Brandon - I am not the biggest fan of this couple, but I got to admit that they were quite good dancing Hip Hop by Dave Sparks. The judges lavished them with praise, but this time it was deserved so no eye rolling from me.

Kayla & Kupono - They performaned a Viennese Waltz by Jean Marc. It was quite beautiful and elegant, but a bit forgettable. The judges came up with the same conclusion, but they did really like it.

Randi & Evan - I love Mia Michaels and I love this couple, but I'm not usually a fan of Mia's quirkier Contemporary routines and this performance didn't really change my mind. It was still beautifully dance and the judges quite liked it.

Caitlin & Jason - Jean Marc choreographed a Paso Doble for these two. And while I thought it was strong and was generally danced well, I was distratced. By the song, the costumes, and even some of the dance elements. The judges loved her and was a bit more critical of him.

Jeanine & Phillip - They danced a really fun Tyce Diorio Broadway routine. It was just okay, since I've seen better Broadway performances. I loved the feathers more than anything. The judges were quite lukewarm especially towards him.

Overall a good night. A better night at least compared to last week. I don't have an obsession yet like with a Pasha or a Benji from season's past. But Ade and Melisa keep warming up to me week after week. And I'm still rooting for Randi, Evan, and Jason as well.

Best of the Night: Melissa & Ade
Worst of the Night: Karla & Jonathan

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