Thursday, June 18, 2009

SYTYCD: Top 18 Results

Last night's show disappointed me because the judges and I just didn't agree on anything. But let's see what American thought after all of that shall we?

Looking angry and tattooed like Nero from this summer's Star Trek, The top 18 dancers come out and dance a manic Mia Michaels number that reminded me of babies throwing tantrums. We then get a funny montage of Lil C' spewing his bon mots from the night before. It was quite a grand display of pretentiousness if you asked me.

But neither here nor there as we get down to business. Melissa/Ade was the first couple declared safe and I was relieved for them. It was then between Caitlin/Jason and Jeanine/Phillip. America decided that Caitlin/Jason danced worse than Jeanine/Phillip. I vociferously disagree, but whatever. If Phillip is unable to get to the bottom three with that heinouse performance, just put him through to the finals now.

The next three couples came out and sadly Jeanette/Brandon was safe. Just not a fan. Karla/Jonathan was next to be safe, which meant Ashley/Kupono was in the bottom.

Right before we got to the last three couples, Cat showed us Ryan's, Evan's brother, audition for Season Six. Completely shocking the world, Ryan made it through to Vegas. Why not just automatically put him through the Top 20, I don't know. But wow how is this fair to the other future Top 20ers? ANYWAY, as expected Randi/Evan was safe. Not as expected was Asuka/Vitolio being safe as Vitolio let out a guttural scream of joy. Last pair in the bottom was Kayla/Max.

With three different couples on the bottom this week, the judges went off to decide whose dreams they would dash this week. Before that happened though we were treated to a Bollywood number and then the bottom six dancers danced for their life. I thought only Caitlin and Jason did anything worthwhile.

The judges came back after a forgettable lipsynched performance by Christian Debarge. The judges informed the dancers it was not unanimous. But with that we said goodbye to Ashley and Max meaning their respective partners will now be new partners. Until next week...

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