Monday, June 15, 2009

The facts were these...

I already declared the cancellation of Pushing Daisies one of the more egregious blunders of the past TV season and it's also not the first time I ranted about it's untimely demise on this blog, but seeing the final three episodes unfold these past few weeks on ABC sort of re-opened the wound. And now I'm just angry.

Yes, it was completely different from anything else on television. A Jim Dale-narrated story of a piemaker who brings dead things to life set in fantastical and vibrant surroundings full of quirky and bigger-than-life people and situations. Oh and there's singing, too! It's not American Idol, so I guess it was destined to fail. Not that I'm bitter or anything.

The show was wonderful in almost every sense of the word. The cast itself was gloriously conceived headlined by the adorable Lee Pace and the even more adorable Kristin Chenoweth. The latter was even able to showcase her breathtaking voice for a few episodes. Sigh.

With only 9 episodes in its first season it was able to garner critical and award acclaim with 12 Emmy nominations (it won 3 including Directing), 3 Golden Globe nominations, a Satellite award for Best TV Series, and a DGA award. It debut strong in the ratings, but lost a few heads in subsequent episodes. The Writer's Strike though killed the show. People just forgot about the show and it was too bad since this was around the time it got all of those award nominations. It was never able to capitalize on being the "It" New Show of the season and when it came back on air, absense did not make the heart grow fonder.

With the low ratings and fading buzz, ABC had no choice but to cancel it. They shelved the last three episodes until this summer. The series finale aired this past Saturday and I was just just so sad to say goodbye to this show. I'm glad that the finale was at least gave us fans a satisfying end for the main cast. Of course I would've wanted to see more stories of these people, but alas it's done.

And instead of leaving on a sad note, I just wanted to congratulate everyone who was involved in the show. They all deserved more than the 22 episodes they made, but on behalf of all of the fans out there, thanks anyways.

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