Friday, June 5, 2009

SYTYCD: The Top 20 List

I usually don't begin watching most talent-based reality shows until the auditions are done and we already have the lineup of the supposedly creme de la creme. I don't really find talentless hacks get humiliated entertaining, plus avoiding this portion of the show also enables me to counter producers' manipulations on who I should care about very early on (coughAdamLambertcough).

With that said, here are the Top 20 for this season's So You Think You Can Dance and my random thoughts on some:

    [x] Ade Obayomi
    [x] Ashley Valerio
    [x] Asuka Kondoh - She moves great! Plus representing Asians! Woo!
    [x] Brandon Bryant - I'm agreeing with Mia and Lil' C. This guy needs to wow me more before I believe he's "brilliant."
    [x] Caitlin Kinney - Love her sister more, but I'm very happy she's through.
    [x] Evan Kasprzak - Love his brother more and REALLY wanted him to go through, but I'll be rooting for Evan just as hard as I would've his brother.
    [x] Janette Manrara - I'm unsure if I actually like her.
    [x] Jason Glover - He is my early pick to win, or at least the person who I would want to win it.
    [x] Jeanine Mason
    [x] Jonathan Platero
    [x] Karla Garcia - I'd die if she and Jason partners up since they both look good together. Also rooting for her.
    [x] Kayla Radomski
    [x] Kupono "Pono" Aweau - I'm not sure I like him
    [x] Maksim "Max" Kaptannikov - He's no Pasha that's for sure.
    [x] Melissa Sandvig
    [x] Paris Torres
    [x] Phillip Chebeeb - He'll be the early fan favorite and could make it all the way to the finals.
    [x] Randi Strong-Evans
    [x] Tony Bellissimo - Super likable guy who will "grow as a dancer" this season.
    [x] Vitolio Jeune

    So as you've read, funnily enough even while consciously avoiding the audition rounds, I'm already rooting for some of them. Though I did catch some of Vegas Week so that may be it. In any case, I can't wait to see them dance it out this whole summer!

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