Friday, June 19, 2009

Heigl In, Knight Out

As Grey's Anatomy ended last season, fans saw George O'Malley played by T.R. Knight and Izzie Stevens played by Katherine Heigl in a sort of limbo afterlife as both of their characters were in the brink of death. It was also fitting since the two actors have had persisting rumors of wanting out of their contracts and/or not being satisfied with the show.

This past Wednesday, broke the news that at least one character will die and thus the actor will not come back to the show next season. That character was Dr. O'Malley and so goodbye to T.R. Knight. Click on that link to for more information, but he pretty much got what he wanted by being released from his contract.

And now comes word from Hollywood Reporter that Katherine Heigl's option has been picked up for next season so it seems that Dr. Stevens will be back after all. Sadly, I think this will make me less inclined to watch next season. I never liked the Izzie character so I would've been happy to see her leave the show, but more than that, her character surviving pretty much cheapens her entire journey with cancer. Now I bet she'll have memory loss. Joy.

Granted, I know I'm still going to watch it, but like Heroes this show is just freefalling right before my eyes. How sad.

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