Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Blunders From the 2008-2009 TV Season

With America crowning their new Idol and the networks giving their upfronts two weeks ago, I just wanted to reflect on the past TV season. More specifically I want to list the things about the past TV season that disappointed me the most. In no particular order...

FOX (and fans) for declaring Dollhouse dead-on-arrival even before it premiered. Friday timeslot? Are you kidding me? Then there are the fans giving up after 2-3 episodes and thereby missing out on the ming-blowingly good last half of the season. Ugh. It's a miracle that FOX actually renewed the show for next season. Can it recover from a bumpy start?

The cancellation of Pushing Daisies. It's not ABC's fault per se. Audiences initially responded to it and the critics raved about it. It even got lots of Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. But then the Writer's Strike happened and the show was unable to recover its original audience and initial buzz after a 10-month break.

NBC not fully supporting Kings. Why they thought having a two-hour mid-season premiere would actually grab increasingly ADD audiences who's TV schedule were pretty much already set is beyond me. The show wasn't flawless, but it really should've been platformed as a fall show.

Grey's Anatomy drama with Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight. Yes, the final scenes of the season were breathtaking, but that doesn't excuse the off-camera drama affecting the show. Because of it George had a reduced role throughout the season while Heigl was mired with a ludicrous brain tumor plot that let her have sex with her dead fiance. You can't make this stuff up.

Heroes for not improving and/or continuing to suck. When seemingly everyone was calling for the death knell of the show as early as season 2, I remained its defender. But this past season, the shows flaws have become greater than even I could stomach.

Saying goodbye to Battlestar Galactica. Was it the right time to end it? Maybe, but I feel they could've churned out a season and a half more. Not that the ending wasn't satisfying, because for me, it was, but I feel there were still a lot of stuff they needed to do. But really I'm just going to really miss the show.

Kris Allen winning American Idol and everyone bitching about it. I get it. Adam Lambert was the "true star" and is "way more talented" than Kris. Blah blah blah. Can we move on now? Forget the fact that both are friends and probably want nothing else but success for one another. Just remember that Kris also had his fans and they're vote is just as valid. Oh yes, and they are all not homophobics. Yes, I voted for Kris. There.

Desperate Housewives afraid of really shaking things up. The season started out wonderfully with the five year jump giving the show much needed life. But by the end of the season, everyone seems to be back to square one. And Susan and her demon spawn someone made it out alive. Not fair.

Too many things on Monday. Big Bang Theory. How I Met Your Mother. Gossip Girl. Chuck. Greek. And that was just the 8:00 hour! Maybe it means I should just watch less TV. Then again that would mean I can't make lists like this, right?

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