Sunday, June 27, 2010

Toy Story 3 Turns Up Pixar's Volume to 11

Last year when Pixar released Up, its 10th animated feature, lots of people started ranking these films in their own top ten list. I was no different.

Since then, I've had time to digest Up as well as revisit a few of their other films. I also finally saw Monsters, Inc., but unfortunately I have not gotten the chance to watch Cars. Pixar has been busy as well in the meantime, releasing their 11th film recently, Toy Story 3.

I just saw the film last night so maybe I should sleep on it a few more nights, preferably whilst cuddling a childhood toy, but at the moment its yet another masterpiece from Pixar and definitely my favorite film of the year so far.

With all of that said, here is my new ranking of PIxar's films:
  1. Finding Nemo
  2. WALL•E
  3. Toy Story 3
  4. Toy Story
  5. Up
  6. Monsters, Inc.
  7. The Incredibles
  8. Toy Story 2
  9. Ratatouille
  10. A Bug's Life
  11. Cars (not yet seen)
You can see a bit of movement for some films from the list I only compiled last year. I do however, have to stress that even those in the dead bottom are fantastic films. Heck, if I had to grade A Bug's Life, it'd probably be a B+ or so. What does that tell you about how strong a lineup Pixar has?

I know I barely said anything about Toy Story 3, but I don't really do the whole reviewing thing. Let's just say, I really should've brought a box of tissues with me, because I was already starting to tear up at the first few seconds of the film when Randy Newman's famous song started playing. And then there were two moments in the end were it was just too much to bare. I don't see how anyone, especially those who have seen and loved the first two films, would be unaffected emotionally by this third and final installment. Suffice it to say, it is highly recommended.

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