Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TV Meme: Day 01

"30 Days TV Meme"

Day 01 | A show that should have never been canceled

Firefly is the easy and most obvious answer here. While Joss Whedon is freakin' brilliant, usually his shows tend to take a season or so to catch up to his brilliance. It took about one episode for Firefly to achieve that. Granted, I'm not talking about the first episode that FOX decided to air in placed of the ACTUAL and very well-done two-part pilot episode "Serenity." What FOX thought they were doing is beyond me. I'll give it to them and admit that the show upfront WAS a tough sell. I mean was it a western or was it a space drama? Why did that ship look all clunky and weird? Who was that handsome man with those tight pants? Unfortunately, not a lot of people checked it out and it was canceled way too prematurely.

Thankfully there was a movie follow-up, Serenity, which again didn't fire up the public, but by then it had turned into somewhat of a cult favorite. In subsequent interviews Joss Whedon said that the bulk of the plot of the movie was pretty much what he envisioned for Season 2 and 3, albeit in a much more condensed form. Apparently S2 would be all about discovering River's abilities while S3 would be about the quest to find more about Miranda/Reavers/The Alliance. Now let me ask you, wouldn't have that been AWESOME?

For my part, I've watched the complete series comprising of 14 episodes more than I can count and that feeling of awe doesn't ever go away. I'm glad that most of the people involved have moved on to other projects so I can enjoy their ridiculous talents somewhere else, but for this Browncoat, I just want to go back to Firefly.


  1. I remember exactly how pissed you were when this one got canceled.

  2. I've never seen this, but what is it with Whedon's shows being canceled left and right?


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