Thursday, June 3, 2010

Birthday Boy: Rafael Nadal

I love it when people think I hate Rafael Nadal just because he's Roger Federer's biggest rival. While it may have been true the first year he busted out on tour, that is so far from the truth now. I mean have you SEEN him? Oh and his tennis is pretty damn awesome, too.

Plus whether it's only for show or actually real, his relative close/cordial relationship with Federer is just so interesting in sports. Here are two guys on top of their sports, fighting for supremacy, and they're NICE to each other. WTF? Do I still root against Nadal vociferously when he plays Federer? Of course, but for the rest of the time I love it when he goes all the way.

But I told myself this post will NOT be about Federer, so going back to Nadal. Today is his 24th birthday and at this sickeningly young age he has accomplished so much, I can't even write it all here. He's poised to collect his 7th Grand Slam title this week at Roland Garros adding it to his tally of 4 French Open titles, 1 Wimbledon title, 1 Australian Open title, and an Olympic gold medal. If he wins, he also becomes #1 in the world again.

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