Wednesday, June 16, 2010

TV Meme: Day 16

"30 Days TV Meme"

Day 16 | Your guilty pleasure show

So You Think You Can Dance

I'm serious! It's just so much fun to watch and to be honest, this could've been my answer to Day 10, a show I thought I wouldn't like but ended up loving. I mean it's not as if FOX + Reality Show had a good track record. That's precisely why I didn't check out its first season. But then I tuned in for the second and it's been love at first sight.

One can easily say it's an amalgam of American Idol and Dancing With the Stars minus all the crap those two shows have. Unlike Idol, it doesn't have an insufferable host and the judges actually know what they are talking about for the most part. Unlike Dancing with the Stars, it's not limited to ballroom and salsa and there are no D-list celebrities trying to revive their careers. Plainly, it's young dancers dancing beautifully.

Throughout the years, I've grown attached to a few dancers such as Benji, Pasha, Gev, Mark, Neil, Travis, and whoa I need some female dancers, um... Courtney, Lauren, Donyelle, Heidi, Jeanine. I'm sure I'm forgetting people. Argh! Anyways, the host, choreographers, and judges are all pretty fantastic as well. My favorites are Mia Michaels, NappyTabs, and of course Cat Deeley.

Is it a perfect show? Not at all. Is it a fun show? Almost inherently so. And it's a perfect summer reality show. No crazy infighting. No fake drama. Just dancers doing what they do best: dancing. Plain and simple. In fact it's less of a guilty pleasure show, it's just all pleasure.

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  1. Mia Michaels and Wade are my favourite choreographers. I still say that season 4 (I think that was it) was the best season with Lacey and Neil (my favourite competitors) Sabra and Danny who were definitely the best final four I saw. Yet, since Mark and Chelsie didn't make it to the top 4 that next season I've tuned out a little, the quality just seemed to have dropped...but it's still a better show than most give credit for.


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