Sunday, June 20, 2010

TV Meme: Day 20

"30 Days TV Meme"

Day 20 | Favorite kiss

To be honest this category broke me. I kept thinking about it ALL weekend and there were just too many choices. I ended up picking the first full on make out session that Jack and Ianto had in Torchwood early in Season 2.

Why this and not any of the others I was thinking about? Well I knew I wanted to NOT include any kisses from from favorite ship, which will have its own post tomorrow. So that made it a little easier to choose. I decided to focus on same-sex kissing, because those don't get as much airtime on TV and with my friend Bunny writing on Willow/Tara, I felt okay picking Jack/Ianto.

My kiss of choice between the two was not their first kiss. Early in season one, Jack gave Ianto mouth to mouth which doesn't really count. Their real first kiss happenened in the first season finale after Jack came back from the dead and they kissed when they reunited. My kiss of choice occurs at the end of the third episode in the second season. I love this kiss, because it came as a result of the two of them having an honest-to-goodness conversation about Jack's past. What I like about this kiss as well is that it was the timid and quiet Ianto, and not the charming sexual renaissance man Jack, who initiated the kiss.

But what am I doing TALKING about the scene/kiss? It's better to show than tell...

Ask me again tomorrow and I'll probably have a different answer.


  1. I went with two first kisses from my two favourite 'ships...although Will and Jack's kiss came to mind...

    ...sorry the meme broke you...

  2. O_O



    I really need to watch that show, don't I?


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