Friday, June 18, 2010

TV Meme: Day 18

"30 Days TV Meme"

Day 18 | Favorite title sequence

I couldn't just choose one. I love love love opening title sequences. And if they're beautiful and creative, even better! I have been very disheartened at the recent trend of doing away with extensive opening title sequences. A good title sequence should not only display the names of main cast, but also acts as a sort of mini-representation of the series as a whole. It helps to have great music to accompany it as well. These three I've picked out have it all and then some.

The 4400

This beautiful opening sequence features scenes that evoke that sense of post-apocalyptic feel of people being abducted out of nowhere--a book left on a bench, a bath tub overflowing with water, a phone receiver dangling, a running car on the side of the road, a lit cigarette burning. The song playing, "A Place In Time" by Amanda Abizaid, creates that same tone and vibe.


The video above is not the ACTUAL opening of the show. It's actually a compilation of the show's three different openings throughout its run over an extended version of the gorgeous main title theme composed by Blake Neely. For the first season, the amazing score plays over Norman Rockwell-esque portraits of each of the main characters. In the second season, the portraits remain, but is followed up by a similar live-action shot. For the last two seasons, both the visual and audio compilations for the opening changed, the visual changing from Norman Rockwell to a series of pictures of the main character with the opening tune including more orchestral elements. Perfect opening for this show.

United States of Tara

Jamie Caliri directed this eyepopping opening credit sequence which is made to look like a pop up book featuring the title character's different alters. We see the 50s housewife Alice working dutifully in the kitchen, the gruff chain-smoking Buck in the garage working on his motorcycle, and the slutty teenage T in a pink room trying to pick out what to wear. Finally, we see Tara emerge from it all as she opens her eyes. The music, created specifically for this show, is by Tim Delaughter.

Honorable Mentions: Battlestar Galactica, Big Bang Theory, Big Love, Charmed, Chuck, Desperate Housewives, Dexter, Doctor Who, Friends, Joss Whedon shows, Lost, Mad Men, Six Feet Under, Weeds (Season 1)

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