Saturday, January 29, 2011

TV Report: 1/23-1/28

Thankfully lots of shows were in reruns or preempted for one reason or another since with the Oscar nominations coming on Tuesday and the Australian Open still happening full swing, my brain couldn't have handled it all. With that said...

I realized this week that I'm going to hold off on any of the new mid-season shows. Maybe wait to see if they get canceled then catch up with them over the summer. This means I'm putting a hiatus on The Cape and Off the Map. I already sort of gave up on Skins as soon as I saw, but oddly enough I think I'm going to keep watching Being Human. The second episode still felt like an encore showing of the UK version, but I'm intrigued enough by what they're doing and a good story is a good story. With that said, I'm stoked to have the UK version also back. The third season premiere packed all the humor and the tears I've come to expect from the show and they delivered in spades. I'm so pumped for the new season now!

For two shows, it was all about the past. In Castle, Beckett is forced to go back to learn more about her mom's murder. It was a fairly dramatic episode that surprisingly didn't feel out of place in this mostly comedic show. My favorite part was the deepening of the Castle/Beckett relationship. Of course, there was that kiss, but his "It's more than just about books." was wonderful. Though if I had one complaint, who did Stana Katic's hair? Because it was so beautiful and perfect, I really was distracted throughout! The other show was White Collar and it was a full-blown flashback episode complete with silly hair pieces and mustache. It was quite a hoot to see all of the regular character back to when they first met as well as setting up the "big bad" of the season in Neal's mentor awesomely played by McCarthy.

The comedies weren't as on fire as they were last week. Well that's not completely true, because Parks & Recreation probably delivered one of their best episodes ever. Can Rob Lowe and Amy Poehler play sick ALL THE TIME. I could not stop laughing. And who isn't shipping Ben/Leslie? They are adorable together and he made her homemade soup and it's all rainbows and puppies and I love it. I'm also really enjoying Ann this season. 30 Rock was also pretty good actually and in fact the episodes in 2011 so far have been above average so go them! The impromptu benefit was perfection complete with Jenna singing and Robert DeNiro with a Cockney accent. Now I still enjoyed Community and Cougar Town, but personally they weren't the strongest episodes. Both felt just a bit unfinished to me.

Finally, Fringe was again brilliant this week. I said the same thing last week, but this week we got more into Peter's head and it's scary. The machine has weaponized him? What does that mean? And when Walter said that and all we got was Peter slightly smiling, I got chills. Of course Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson are still conveying that complicated emotions they should be feeling regarding Fauxlivia's deception and it is amazing to watch week after week. Next week the gang gets to dress to the nines and I'm just counting down until then!

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