Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thursday TV Report: Formulaic Big Bang, Resurgent Grey's

Big Bang Theory - An okay first episode after the break, but I'm finding myself not really REMEMBERING a lot after I watch. I recall surface things like the guys working on a mathematical app to sell, but not having an easy time with Sheldon. I also remember Sheldon and Penny connecting in the stairs, Jim Parson's nice baritone voice, and Penny nicely using Sheldon's study on "sarcasm" to unload him back to the guys. But doesn't it seem like most episodes one's reaction can be summed up as this: "Oh hey that episode was good! I think. Penny and Sheldon did something awesome. And the other guys did something else. Oh and Sheldon was really funny." I know sitcoms are inherently formulaic, but I guess after HIMYM's brilliant episode earlier this week, I expected more?

Grey's Anatomy - This particularly strong episode seemed to be the dramatic end of the arc that started during last season's intense finale with a shooter loose in the hospital. This past season, the hospital and its residents have been trying to move on and deal with the aftermath of such a tragic and traumatizing event with the bulk of the story focused on Cristina who found it harder than the rest to move on. In this most recent episode, she and the rest of the hospital had to face that tragedy they all experienced a few months back as they had to take care of the victims of a shooting at a local university. In light of the recent supermarket shooting in Arizona that happened yesterday, the episode now seems to be something more. The scenes when we see a whole community stand in front of the hospital holding a candlelight vigil was especially heartfelt and touching. It was nicely handled by everyone involved and again it was wonderful to see Cristina finally back to her old form.

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  1. I sort of loathed this Grey's episode....okay, not loathed, but it seemed so clinical (no pun) and by the numbers, robotic even. But glad to have Christina back and talking to Meredith. Their chemistry is too good to leave out ("I think if you drink your baby will have sixteen toes, or three heads or something...")


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