Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tuesday TV Report: Wars Brewing on V, The Good Wife

V - The show's ratings seems to hint that we won't be getting many more episodes of this series and that's too bad. Like I said last week, it's not the greatest show, but TV is really lacking good sci-fi shows right now. I'm loving the mother-daughter relationships between Anna and her mom and of course Anna and her daughter. With the first, it's a nice twist that Anna's mom, the old queen, was pretty much outcast for developing human emotions. Anna's Sheldon Cooper-like intensity in trying to nail down the "human soul" is a bit ridiculous, but whatever. The suicide bombers going after Chad was also a nice twist, as the wars between humans and V start ramping up. Also how cool was the scene when Erica casually showed the suspect her Fifth Column scar? Speaking of Erica, she needs a partner that's not secretly a lizard. Just saying. Overall, nothing awesome, but again I'm sad we probably won't get a third season.

The Good Wife - Things are not well at Lockhart & Gardner as the episode ended with Will and Diane drawing their swords at each other. The tension was palpable and I CANNOT WAIT for next new episode to see how this all will fall. Not much "Julianna Marguilies/Archie Panjabi is awesome" moments, but that paved way for the aforementioned Diane/Will confrontation, the fantastic scenes between Alicia's gay and listless brother and Jackie, and of course some much-needed focus on Cary at his smarmy best. The case of the week of a young couple accused of murder and both of them being forced to turn on each other was pretty good, too. But back to Diane/Will's war. What's going to happen? Are we seriously going to split into two firms? After those exchange of words, it seems inevitable. Plus who will Alicia pick? Going with Will seems like a no-brainer, but with Will knowing Alicia hid the fact that she knew about this and didn't tell him PLUS having the memory still of essentially being rejected by her at the beginning of the season and well maybe Will would prefer if she did go over to Diane.

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