Saturday, January 22, 2011

TV Report: 1/16-1/21

With the Australian Open underway and a bunch of new shows starting this week, I knew I couldn't do my daily TV report. In fact I haven't even caught up with all of the shows I wanted to watch this week, but instead of keeping off any longer here are some of my thoughts on the week in TV.

Was it just me or were all of the comedies ON FIRE this week? Of course it began with the highly anticipated How I Met Your Mother episode that dealt with the death of Marshall's dad. It wasn't the funniest or even the best (the kick in the crotch and the diminutive bully fell flat to me), but it was highly effective towards the end. Big Bang Theory, to me, delivered one of its best episodes of not only this season, but of the series itself. It finally felt like a confident ensemble show as opposed to a show that was dominated by one character. I really hope Amy and Bernadette come back next season. The gender balance really has done wonders for this show. Modern Family was a riot and I can praise every actor in that show for this episode, but the MVP was Sofia Vergara. She started me laughing from her hilarious reaction to a errant sent email and she kept at it when she offered her cupcakes to Phil. Last week's pre-empted Cougar Town was finally shown and it was a nice chill episode letting the audience check in with various relationships, which was a good change of pace. Finally NBC roared back with its Thursday "Comedy Night Done Right" lineup. Lots of forward movement happened in Community as Shirley's one-night fling with Chang and the resulting pregnancy came to light as well as a bit more of Jeff/Annie. Parks & Recreation was expectantly wonderful upon its return integrating Adam Scott and Rob Lowe seamlessly into the very talented ensemble. I smiled throughout the whole episode. Finally, 30 Rock, too was quite strong with a lot of jokes at the expense of its parent network as well as Tina Fey doing a hilarious impression of Little Edie.

I'll speak more in detail on another post soon about those damn American remakes of Skins and Being Human, but for now what about the other mid-season shows? Unfortunately, I haven't really been feeling them. I haven't checked out the third episode of The Cape and oddly enough, not unlike No Ordinary Family in the fall, I'm not really rushing out to see it. I heard a few good things about Harry's Law, but again I didn't really check it out yet. I did see the second episode of Off the Map and it's still not must-see-TV for me. The cast and location are all damn pretty, but I'm going to need more if I watch a few more episodes.

And now a few quick things about my regular other shows... I actually found it a bit refreshing to see Tommy back in Brothers & Sisters. It reminded me of the first two seasons when I was still sort of invested with this family... Chuck wasn't too bad though I was never really fan of the will-they-won't-they and now they're doing it regarding their proposal. Great ending, but OMG please get rid of all the Buy More storylines... Things revved up on V this week as Erica really went into action torturing/skinning a Visitor, which was also one of the most graphic things I have seen on TV bar none. It's great what they're doing to Chad as well as Lisa... Thank God the war between Will and Diane are over on The Good Wife because I couldn't stand them fighting one another. Nice opening for Cary to come back to the fold and yay for Kalinda just being, well, her. The case of the week was odd though. I didn't quite get the ending... Finally, but certainly not least, tonight's Fringe was just pitch perfect. They couldn't have gone into their new Friday time slot with a better episode focusing on the Observer and its mission to "set things right." This episode is such a perfect complement to last season's brilliant "The Tulip" episode... I have not seen White Collar yet, but it's on the top of the list to catch up on this weekend.


  1. I missed the pilot and last episode of Off the Map even though I was curious when I saw the ad on a bus stop in NYC around Christmas. As it stars Martin Henderson, who was sooo attractive in Bride & Prejudice, I thought I'd give it a watch, maybe this week I'll get a chance. As for The Cape, it's still not a must-see for me either. So this season the only must-see for me is Hawaii Five-O. Did you ever see that one?

  2. I have seen Hawaii Five-0. I'm just severely behind. I think I've missed the last 4-5 episodes. I'll catch up though. Still love the cast, etc.

  3. Vergara's best work all SEASON. I really was impressed with her (and you know she's my least fave of the sextet.)


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