Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tuesday TV Report: V Returns

Of course V is not a perfect show. It's a little cheesy and some of the characters are dull as bricks. But it affords me a weekly dose of Elizabeth Mitchell and Morena Baccarin passive aggressively duking it out with each other and it's pretty glorious. They're not even above using their kids in this unspoken war! First Erica basically has her son assaulted so she could get into the ship and then Anna pretty much tells Lisa to put out for Tyler. Neither of them is winning Mother of the Year anytime soon. Speaking of mothers, Anna's mom!

As for the kids, Tyler is still a bit vat of nothing, but Lisa has morphed into one of my favorite characters. She's pretty much picked her sides and that is with the Fifth Column and against her mom. Her scene with Joshua near the end though was a bit sad. You could tell the pressure is getting to her and she needed an ally on the ship. Too bad Joshua lost all of his memories, but I'm hoping Lisa helps him out and possibly even develop a relationship with him. I ship it.

Other than Chad finally seeing the light about the Vs, Anna letting her tail do the talking for her, and the introduction of cutie Bret Harrison, nothing else excited me. Even the red sky/phosphorus stuff didn't really intrigue me nor the implication that Erica might had had experiments done on her when he was pregnant. Sorry, where did THAT come from? And just as a final note, I know it's a harmless V-human hybrid baby, but I'm going to have nightmares forever.

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