Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Monday TV Report: Greek's Time Jump; Magical Castle

Greek - Don't really talk about shows that aren't on the basic networks, but since this is the show's final season, why not? Last week's season premiere went through a huge time jump with Casey and Evan now graduated, Ashley in New York, Rebbecca and Cal presidents of their houses, and Rusty and Dale are intrepid juniors. Since it is the final season, I grudgingly respect the decision for this time jump even though it was handled a bit too clunkily for my taste. With that said, it also means we essentially fast-forwarded months of drama and character growth (or lack thereof) that is nice to see in brief snippets such as Rusty's relationship with Dana or Casey's continually evolving relationships with Rebbecca, Evan, and Cappie. The latter is still Peter Pan, but I have no doubt he'll finally move on from Greek life to be with Casey in the end. A more interesting development, to me, is Dale wanting to join the Greek system and betraying Kappa Tau to make it happen. Didn't see that coming, but I approve!

Castle - I guess with Ryan getting all engaged last episode, the writers thought it would be a good idea to hook up its two minority characters together, because in TV there's an unwritten rule that requires everyone to be paired off with someone else. I sound snarky, but I do like both of them together, ESPECIALLY since they think no one else knows when in fact the complete opposite is true. Now was it just me or did anyone else forget that Castle was actually with his ex-wife again? Moot point anyways since apparently that's over and OF COURSE Beckett overhears this. The episode itself was fun, as it usually is, this time with a magic-centric case providing yet another opportunity for Beckett and Castle to find something in common, their love of magic. I could say something incredibly cheesy about how they need to discover the "magic of love" instead, but I won't do that. Alakazam, jackass!

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