Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dollhouse: The Public Eye and The Left Hand

Last night's two-hour episode of Dollhouse was its first since it went on hiatus in the end of October. Since then the show has also been canceled and FOX is now burning off the rest of the episodes by airing two episodes back-to-back for the rest of its run.

Good news? The two episodes were fantastic. Probably right up there with the best this series has offered. Bad news? 7 more episodes to go.

Both episodes delved deeper into the Rossum Corporation's endgame and also gave us a glimpse of how the bigger network of Dollhouse actually work. All of that stuff is well and good, but for me I was just geeking out at seeing Alexis Denisof run around the city with Eliza Dushku giving me wonderful flashbacks of when they used to be Watcher/Slayer/archenemies on Buffy and Angel.

I also can't forget about Summer Glau who, yes, is playing essentially the same character she's been playing in other shows, but it was still fantastic seeing her interact with Fran Kranz's character Topher. Speaking of Topher though, how AMAZING (yet again) was Enver Gjokaj being Topher? If he doesn't find another show/movie/whatever after Dollhouse, it will be a great loss indeed.

Plus Adelle busted some balls, Ballard got some closure on Mellie, Bennett has a new toy in Mellie, Perrin is moving up the ranks, and Echo is gone. She'll be back next week just in time to confront big bad Alpha. I. Can't. Wait.

(Screencaps from Better Novembers)

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