Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Box Office: Christmas For All

It was a record-breaking Christmas weekend as a slew of robust openings and a record-breaking second weekend from Avatar made it the highest-grossing weekend ever.

Avatar led the frame with an impressive $75.6 million only down less than 2% from last weekend. It was followed by Sherlock Holmes and the Chipmunk's Squeakquel who both made the top 8 in December openings.

Possible Oscar rivals this year, Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock continue to astound at the box office with Streep's It's Complicated becoming her third biggest opener and Bullock's Blind Side, already her highest grossing film ever, poised to be her first $200 million grosser.

It was a mixed bag when it came to Oscar hopefuls. Up in the Air did well in expansion, but nothing to celebrate over while Nine for the most part disappointed off-the-bat. Invictus seems to be falling off the radar quickly, but it's already amassed some money at least.

Now last month, I looked at the 25 highest grossing films of the decade to date and predicted that by the year's end either New Moon or Avatar (or both!) would join this list. From what it looks like, both seem to be well on their way. New Moon only needs less than $11 million to crack the top 25 and while it's legs have been horrendous so far, it should be able to do it. Avatar, in the meantime, will have a much easier time as $300 million by the time the New Year hits is not out of the question.

Exciting times at the box office for sure. For my part, I contributed to this record-breaking weekend by seeing It's Complicated and Sherlock Holmes. And while not part of the weekend, I also saw Avatar yesterday.

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  1. Yeah you saw Avatar yesterday!

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