Monday, December 7, 2009

Amazing Race Finale

Heading into the finale, Megan/Cheyne were the favorites finishing first in most of the episodes this season. But with the inevitable bunching-up in the airport to get to Las Vegas, it really was anyone's game especially with Sam/Dan's brutal competitiveness and Brian/Ericka's utter resilience.

And up until the end, it really was anyone's game as every single team ended up 1st, 2nd, or 3rd at different moments during the finale. Brian/Ericka was first to Mandalay Bay where one member of the team had to do a first-face rappel. Ericka did this since Brian is terrified of heights. Cheyne chose to do it while keeping his eyes closed while Sam blistered through as if he was Spiderman.

Next up was to go to the Mirage Hotel and take part of a Cirque du Soleil's Love show. While Brian/Ericka was first to reach the hotel, they ended up leaving last with the other two teams having a seemingly easier time working with bungee cords.

Sam/Dan reached their next destination, the Monte Carlo, first despite leaving the Mirage second to Megan/Cheyne who had no idea that the Monte Carlo was their next stop. Teams here had to calculate out $1 million in poker chips. The brothers started out way in front, but Brian/Ericka and then Megan/Cheyne eventually caught up. The brothers started to fight which enabled Megan/Cheyne to pull ahead en route to...

...the MGM Grand to get their final clue from Mr. Las Vegas himself, Wayne Newton. The brothers followed them soon after. Their last pit stop was located at Wayne Newton's house. Fast forward to the editing team making it seem like the race is neck and neck and Megan/Cheyne became the official winners of The Amazing Race.

A predictable end? Probably, but the finale itself was anyone's game. Megan/Cheyne kept their collective heads cool even when they got lost and they were able to edge out two teams who lett their emotions got the best of them during crucial times. Plus as "annoying" as these three teams have been, I would've been fine if any of them won. I was slightly rooting for Brian/Ericka, because they were the slight underdog, but Megan/Cheyne still deserved to win.

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