Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dollhouse: Meet Jane Doe and A Love Supreme

Two things are certain about Dollhouse. First, it's firing on all cylinders right now. And second, it's still so very much cancelled.

Last week, we got a taste of the possible endgame of the Rossum Corporation. This week, we pretty got a confirmation of it and the answer is not good since it's pretty much "the end of the world as we know it" variety. Or for those who've seen "Epitaph One," the unaired first season finale, it's that. That's the endgame.

Lines are being drawn, too, with most of our favorite characters in the "good" column. In the first episode of the night, we see that Echo, Ballard, and Boyd are working together and then later on in the night we see that Topher, too, will be brought into the fold. Adelle, however, is another story as it seemed she'd rather join forces with Rossum as we not only see her betray Topher, but also torture Echo. I'm holding out hope that this is all part of her grand plan to undermine Rossum, but for now, I don't know.

And of course there's Alpha's reappearance. Alan Tudyk plays Alpha with such vigor that it makes you forget about all the previously lovable jokesters he's played in the past. Of course, he infiltrated the Dollhouse pretty easily and inflicted major damage turning the Actives against their handlers prompting Topher to spew out zombie jokes before getting pummeled by Victor. Alpha managed to escape, but not before uploading Ballard's persona into himself and killing Ballard in turn. Dude. This show is INSANE.

In any case, I'm enjoying this new sense of urgency and energy of the show. And while I think these episodes were written well before the show was officially canceled, I'm sure that Joss and company saw the writing on the wall early and made sure that no matter what this show will end with a bang (and a satisfying resolution). Looks like they'll at least get to do that.

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