Wednesday, December 9, 2009

SYTYCD: The Top 8

Last week the top ten dancers made me reevaluate my feelings about this season in the positive direction. This week's top eight dancers just lived up to my new positive outlook as most everyone stepped up, not just the dancers, but also the choreographers.

The two dancers last week who were eliminated were Nathan and Noelle. Nathan because he just didn't grow as much as the other guys and Noelle because the other girls were just plain better. I thought getting rid of these two were the absolutely correct choice and I was proven right by strong performance by the top eight.

Ashleigh, however, was unable to perform due to a recent injury. Instead, her partner Russell made the best of it as he charmed the judges with his energetic Hip Hop and Bollywood routines. The judges were in fact quite happy with most of the routines throughout the night. Ellenore/Legacy's Travis Wall number was met with high praise as well as Mollee/Jakob's Viennese Waltz. The latter takes the prize as being my favorite routine of the night. Another number that stuck with me was the Cha Cha number danced by Kathryn/Ryan with equal parts technique and HOTNESS.

So as you can see, everyone pretty much made an impression on me at least once tonight. Of course in terms of their solos, only Legacy made any impact, but his personality and style always makes his solos the highlight. In any case, I can't even begin to figure out who America will send home tomorrow with the finale only a week away. At this point though, I'm rooting for Mollee, Jakob, and Russell.

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