Friday, September 16, 2011

Thoughts on True Blood Finale

The Season of the Witch came to a close as True Blood ended one of its strongest seasons this past Sunday. Sure there are plenty to complain about. Sookie's storyline never really got going, Jason's stint with the werepanther is best left forgotten, Eric's childlike innocence wore thin towards the end, and Alcide was more or less background eye candy (not really a bad complaint). But Marnie and her quest to eradicate the world of vampires was a solid villain arc. I also really enjoyed the exploration of the history between witches and vampires which is far fresher than the tiresome werewolf-vampire rivalry.

With that said, the finale itself actually was one of its non-remarkable episodes. Sure, the body count piled up with Jesus, Nan, Debbie, and possibly Tara all getting brutally murdered. But for the most part the show just took the time to resolve some of the smaller storylines like Sam attending Tommy's funeral (with Mrs. Foytenberry!), Jason telling Hoyt about getting together with Jessica, and Sookie dumping both Bill and Eric (I give it one episode into next season before she's sexing one of them again and/or Alcide). Pam's back but mostly to declare how much she hates Sookie's name. We also got a few new plot threads for next season such as Terry's army buddy, the possible return of Russell Edgington, Jason's former pastor turned vampire, and the impending vampire revolt against the Authority. And you know they'll be fairies next season. Then again we said that last season, too.

Finally, just want to call out Jesus' goodbye to Lafayette which I thought was actually quite humorous, sweet, and touching: "Dude, I'm dead. You're a medium. I'll always be with you." Might be a way to get some of the dead characters back next season. Just saying.

True Blood Finale: B
True Blood Season 4: B+


  1. Tara possibly brutally murdered? How can you use the word possibly? She had the back of her head blown off with a shotgun. Seems pretty final to me. She's f'ing dead.

  2. Unless Bill/Eric hear Sook's screams for help and use their blood to keep Tara alive until the freaky vampire doc lady and staple her head back together? Maybe?

    I mean, I hope not, but they've done weirder...

  3. Well like Sunny said, they've done weirder. I wouldn't be shocked at all to see in the first episode back that Tara is recovering with all of her memories lost or whatnot. And even in death, like what Jesus said, Lafayette is a medium. Plenty of opportunities for them to bring back spirits from beyond for a little chat!


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