Thursday, September 8, 2011

Birthday Boy: Jonathan Taylor Thomas

A few people my age would probably be shocked by this, but Jonathan Taylor Thomas (who we all affectionately called JTT) turns 30 today. Yes, 3-0. After you've clutched your pearls and simmered down, the next thing you should be asking is where in the world is JTT? In fact there's a tumblr for that (of course).

It seems he has been lying low since the mid-2000s pursuing his education (went to Harvard then to Columbia) out of Hollywood's eye. It's actually crazy to think how out of the public eye he has been the past few years especially since his popularity back in the 90s probably rivaled Bieber Fever today.

Do you know what time it is?

As luck would have it though, it seems he's temporarily going to be in the spotlight soon. It turns out that the show that made him uber famous, Home Improvement, is celebrating its 20th anniversary next week and Entertainment Weekly is reuniting the cast for a feature. The picture above is from an outtake of the EW photo shoot that was posted by Patricia Richardson on her twitter. Maybe the feature will give JTT's aging fans more information on what he's been up to lately.

Finally, lest anyone forgot, he played young Simba on The Lion King and Disney is re-releasing the film in theaters for two weeks in 3D later this month. Magazine features, film premieres... could a regular TV series role be on the horizon?

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  1. I Hope I Hope I Hope... Hehe I do need some big thing to cheer me up television matter. I'm kinda getting bored with what I today... Maybe a little JTT would make have faith on TV again...


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