Saturday, September 10, 2011

Breaking Bad's Chicken Man & Penultimate True Blood

This past week's Breaking Bad really was quite something as we learn the back story of the enigmatic Gus Fring like, for example, that is most likely not his real name. We also learn that like Jesse, he too had a close partnership (or maybe more?) with a cook (chicken, meth, same difference). So perhaps when Gus told Jesse a few episodes back that he saw something in him, maybe he meant he saw himself in Jesse. The bloody end of the episode with his Gus' partner's death was a perfect capper to an episode filled with intense scenes. Giancarlo Esposito was the MVP in this episode, but Hank and Walt assisted. First with Hank and the FBI grilling Gus then for Hank and Walt sitting in the parking lot (with Mike hilariously looking on) as they devise a plan to keep tabs on Gus. By episode's end, even before we get the resolution of the flashback, it's already clear that the usually unflappable Gus is about to break. Can't wait until he does.

As for True Blood, the penultimate episode really tied up a lot of the stories to the point where I'm curious what the finale is now going to be about. Marnie is killed in action, Alcide breaks up with Debbie, Sam confronts Marcus over Tommy's death, Andy kicks his V-habit and gets some fairy nookie, and Pam gets banished. The latter irked me. I would've done EXACTLY what she did, but NO Sookie is NOT worth dying over. Bill and Eric were ridiculous in their seriousness to sacrifice their lives for her. Marnie would've just chuckled at their ashes and continued on with her rampage. But maybe it's my love for Pam and my hate for Sookie that's making me a wee bit biased. It was a good episode for Jesus though, which means he's probably going to die in the finale. For one, gays are never allowed to be happy on TV, so there's that, but a pissed-off Marnie possessing Lafayette in the end will probably be his undoing. Marnie wants revenge and Jesus can't hurt Lafayette. Do the tragic math. Now if someone can just get the image of Eric sucking on that very realistic heart out of my head, then I'd be most appreciative.

No Weeds this week, because I guess Labor Day is a big deal.

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