Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Good Wife: "A New Day"

My pick for best ensemble last year returned on a new night and time this weekend and oh how I've missed them. The episode actually wasn't subtle at emphasizing the newness of the show down to its title...

The credits are tweaked, Alicia gets a new haircut and office, Will and Alicia handle their new secret relationship, Eli is settling in to his new offices at Lockhart & Gardner, Peter and Cary are in a new alliance, and Kalinda is adjusting to her situation as Alicia's frienemy. On the other hand, there's Diane who is thankfully still her same ol' self wondering why she's the only damn adult left in the office. Christine Baranski was great.

As you can see from above, navigating through all of their new relationships was a big part of the episode. A few others I haven't mentioned: Kalinda/Sophia/Cary, Alicia/Peter, Alicia/Eli/Peter, Will/Kalinda, etc. The case of the week was quite a tale weaved from the minds of the writers involving Israel/Arab relations, a hate crime, MMOG, secret gay affair, a new quirky judge, and some classic head-to-head between Alicia (and Kalinda) and Cary (and Peter).

I'm very much looking forward to seeing how all of these new relationships evolve and change throughout the season. At the very least, Will/Alicia's relationship, which never really interested me in the past, suddenly became hot hot hot especially with their choice to keep it a secret. B/B+

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