Monday, September 19, 2011

My 2011 Fall TV Schedule

The Emmy Awards have been given out, the temperatures are cooling down, and a few shows have already premiered, but starting tonight the fall TV season gets into another gear as Premiere Week begins with most of the shows coming back in the next seven days. Below are the shows I'm planning on watching and which is unsurprisingly as packed as always. Last year, most of the new shows I checked out either got canceled quickly or didn't hold my attention after a few episodes. It could happen again this year. I'm remaining cautiously optimistic though.


Even though I'm going to check out Terra Nova (FOX) at 8PM, I'm still going to keep my appointment viewing of How I Met Your Mother (CBS). Since I'm on the network already, Ill also check out 2 Broke Girls (CBS) airing right after. While the 9PM hour is oddly empty for me, it's a battle of old and new at 10PM as Castle (ABC) and The Playboy Club (NBC) will try to get my attention. I have a feeling it won't be a real contest in the end.


This day is pretty sparse with me reluctantly returning for a third season of Glee (FOX) to start off the night. At 9PM, it's adorkable Zooey Deschanel versus slayerific Sarah Michelle Gellar. New Girl (FOX) and Ringer (CW) are new shows I'm definitely interested in so I'm going to give each other a long leash. There's also Raising Hope but sadly I just never got around to finishing the first season.


It's all about comedy on this day and perhaps a helping of horror. Since I'm not crazy enough to check out X-Factor, for the first two hours of primetime, I'll be watching new sitcoms Up All Night (NBC), Free Agents (NBC), and Suburgatory (ABC) as well as some favorite returning shows Modern Family (ABC) and Happy Endings (ABC). At 10PM, I may check out Revenge (ABC), but I may not. Same goes for Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story (FX).


There are a few options on this day even after I decided, sight unseen, that Charlie's Angels and Prime Suspect just aren't worth my time. Which means at 8PM I'll continue last year's struggle of Community (NBC) up against Big Bang Theory (CBS) with Parks and Recreation (NBC) at 8:30. In the 9PM hour, I have to make touch choices since I still watch Grey's Anatomy (ABC), want to check out Persons of Interest (CBS), and already liked what I've seen of The Secret Circle (CW). And there's also my indecision of whether or not I'll keep watching a Steve Carell-less The Office (NBC) in that same time slot!


Remember the days when there was nothing to watch on this day? Well no more! The 8PM hour has A Gifted Man (CBS) which I may or may not watch and Chuck which I randomly stopped watching last season. But the real story on this day is at the stacked 9PM genre hour when two of my regular shows Fringe (FOX) and Supernatural (CW) go head-to-head with intriguing new show Grimm (NBC) which thankfully is getting not-so-hot reviews.


This is a bit of a packed day which starts off at 8PM where the fairy tale new show Once Upon A Time (ABC) goes up against The Amazing Race (CBS). The 9PM hour has the ratings-starved The Good Wife (CBS) going up against Family Guy and Desperate Housewives, both shows I don't really watch. All of those also are up against The Walking Dead (AMC) and Dexter (Showtime). Finally, the 10PM hour slows down as new show Pan Am (ABC) is the only one I'm interested in watching.

Returning Shows I'm Most Excited About: Fringe, Parks and Recreation, The Good Wife, Community, and Happy Endings

Returning Shows in Danger of Getting Cut: Glee, Grey's Anatomy, and Supernatural


  1. Okay...I'm diagramming all of my fall t.v. shows. I also need to find out when the Walking Dead starts up (maybe after Breaking Bad ends)?

  2. The Walking Dead premieres on Oct. 16 at 9pm - And it's a 90 minute episode. I can't wait!


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