Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Glee: "The Purple Piano Project"

Oh, Glee. Here's the thing about this show and my relationship with it. It's not a good show, but I keep watching anyway. There are way too many things I just do not like about the show that I will never like. Sue Sylvester has become increasingly one-dimensional, Will Shuester is earnestly annoying, and the writers have absolutely zero idea what to do with the majority of their characters. Maybe things will change, but I've rather gotten used to this pessimism when it comes to this show that I fear they'd really have to do a complete 180 for me to feel any differently.

All of the backstage off-season drama doesn't help either with the controversy of who is leaving the show, when, and why. It's just always better as a fan to believe that everyone in charge of making a show you enjoy are getting along and everything is rainbows and lollipops. I'm not sure how I felt about them pretty much addressing all of this right from the get go with the characters awkwardly letting us know what year in high school they are currently in and telling us their future plans. Rachel and Kurt plan on going to New York, of course.

The problems I list earlier are still present in the 3rd season premiere, but there's some hope on doing stuff with the characters if handled right throughout the rest of the season. Mercedes now has a boyfriend and hopefully a lovely storyline to go alone with that. Quinn is rebelling from years of "pressure" but you can tell she miss Glee club. Finn looks to go into a season-long self-discovery thing that sounds absolutely dull to be honest while Rachel and Kurt are encouraged to be even more of the Type A personalities they were after getting a dash of reality that they really aren't "hot stuff." They were in one of my favorite scenes of the premiere, when they both sat with their jaws on the floor as they watch a group of their peers sing and perform the hell out of "Anything Goes." The other performances in the episode were fine, but nothing too noteworthy though I love their choice of "You Can't Stop the Beat" for the final song though they didn't really do it justice.

One final thing though, Glee writers, let's not make this the Darren Criss show, okay? I like Criss and I'm okay with Blaine (unrelated, but thank goodness the insufferable Warblers and that stupid uniform are history!), but this is an ensemble show. I didn't like it when season one was The Rachel Show and season two was The Kurt Show. Let's do a little better spreading the love, mkay? C+/B-


  1. I don't watch Glee but I do listen to the music. I usually youtube the glee stuff and watch those as the music is the only thing I'm interested in.

  2. Totally get you about Criss, who might start annoying me. Two episodes in and he's already got two solos...it's not making me happy.

    But Idina Menzel coming back is VERY promising.


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