Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weeds Returns, Now With Beefcake

Just finished watching the season premiere of Weeds and it was just okay. I mean it was a bit weird to watch it after seeing the season premiere of True Blood since both episodes featured time jumps where the main female lead was separated from the rest of her friends/family for a long time as well as some gratuitous lesbianism (Nancy in prison with her Russian cellmate and Tara sexing it up with her caged fighter girlfriend). The similarities were a bit of distraction. Plus, like True Blood, the time jump necessitated a re-introduction to the rest of the characters and how they've changed, etc.

Still, it was a fine episode for what it needed to do, and unlike True Blood they actually provided us with some nice beefcake in the form of Hunter Parrish playing a Silas-turned-model. Hopefully this line of work doesn't completely go away when they all inevitably reunite with momma.

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  1. I love some mancandy. True Blood premiere was a lil disappointing to me this week.


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