Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Poster Musings: Fright Night and Orlando Bloom

First, we have the two above posters for Fright Night, which isn't really my type of movie at all. Then again, these character posters do really well in selling the film the hot actors in the film. I mean seeing Colin Farrell all vampiry and sexy like this isn't anything new, but hello there David Tennant. He's raising stakes indeed. But more seriously, it's probably a Netflix rent for me, but I wish them luck on a good film.

Then of course there's the case of Orlando Bloom. Sure, he's working on The Hobbit right now and it's all rainbows and sunshine, but before he found himself back in Middle Earth, he, well, just take a look...

What!? These are the posters for Sympathy for Delicious (Japanese poster) and The Three Musketeers. Yes, he looks just a bit ridiculous on both of these posters, but I actually applaud him for picking atypical roles for himself. A rock star (complete with the greasy hair)? An ridiculously evil character (complete with evil mustache to twirl)? So as bad as the poster is for The Three Musketeers and however bad the movie turns out to be, I'm still looking forward to seeing Bloom play a villain. I've always wanted him to play one.


  1. I've finally, finally got my katakana alphabet pretty well down. Just so's you know, the film's name in Japanese is Shinpashi fuoo Derishasu (if you say it out loud, you can hear it's close to the same thing).

    This ends my geekiness of the day.


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